Leadfoot Ranch is a farm that is transformed into the Leadfoot Festival for the weekend. We really try hard to accommodate people and their special needs, however, it is not always possible. We have about a dozen mobility issues each year to try and help each one enjoy the event the best way possible. Here are a few pointers to help you get around.

There is limited disability parking near the ticket booth. The earlier you arrive the better and closer the parking. If you are in a wheelchair please have your party drop you at the ticketing gate while they park the car.

There is also a John Deere shuttle that picks people up from the parking lot and brings them to the ticket booth area.

For those in a wheelchair, there is a John Deere Gater that can bring you from the ticket booth to the area you want to watch from.

Hospitality in the Black Barn is a great option as it is reasonably close to the front gate (5 minute walk for a healthy person), offers yummy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with an amazing view of racing. This would take most of the walking out of the equation as you can see racing and have your food available all day. There is also a handicap toilet in that area.

Hope that helps give a bit of direction. If you will need the Gater to pick you up please contact us.