The Leadfoot Festival is a unique weekend on the New Zealand and international calendar that brings together a unique mix of classic cars, vintage motorcycles and motorsport legends. New Zealand racing legend, Rod Millen opens his private grounds at the Leadfoot Ranch to host more than 150 champion and competitive race participants.

The 150-acre ocean front and farm estate on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula features a mile-long driveway that winds through the property, specifically designed to be the perfect hill climb.

Guests will be given one-of-a-kind Motorsport experience featuring unparalleled access to festival competitors, cars and motorcycles.
Leadfoot Festival appeals to all premium-level market demographics, enticing those with high disposable incomes, providing a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages of enthusiast.

In a unique twist, visitors are encouraged to dress in period style clothing and to step back in time. This makes Leadfoot Festival a truly-unique experience and an incredible celebration of Motorsport and all things automotive.

The selection of machinery on Leadfoot Ranch includes a spectacular array of the finest competition vehicles and motorcycles. From classic formula and road race cars to off-road machines and motorcycles, the Leadfoot Festival attracts competitors and race vehicles reminiscent of many eras in an enthusiastic display of speed, style, sound, smell and colour. A collection of static celebrated vintage cars and bikes also line areas of the paddocks to complete the ultimate weekend.

The Festival promises to be packed with action and excitement, as the most glamorous racing machinery and famous Motorsport competitors gather together for this annual internationally recognised hill climb event.

The Leadfoot Festival is truly a unique experience and an incredible celebration of Motorsport and all things automotive.