Rod Millen has spent his motorsports career traveling around the world gaining inspiration for his dream of the ultimate hill climb driveway. The Leadfoot Festival is an exceptional weekend of motorsports motivated by Millen’s involvement in hill climbs like Pikes Peak and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The event was initially intended to celebrate Rod’s 60th birthday in March of 2011. The first Leadfoot Festival was a very fun and successful private affair for several hundred people. After the completion of the event, the businesses of Hahei, Motorsport clubs around New Zealand and the general public asked Rod to consider making it a public event.

After great thought and consideration to the effort required in creating an annual event for thousands instead of hundreds, Rod and his wife Shelly feel they are up to the challenge. It is also very important and dear to their hearts to support the township of Hahei and feel strongly this event will do just that.

Rod has been hard at work creating the perfect hill climb driveway and continues to improve and expand the property. The event is a true celebration of racing heritage and all things motorsports.

For a more in-depth report on Rod, this page will explain much more about him and his career in motorsports.