The Last Supper is no ordinary catering company.

food1With over 20 years catering to a wide range of events producing high end cuisine, most often in the most challenging environments, has earned us the reputation of one of New Zealand’s foremost location catering companies. We are chefs, artists, actors and musicians knowing our visual appeal is paramount without compromising on flavor. We endeavour to be sustainable where possible and are organic in our philosophy without charging excessively to be so. Our menu selection is eclectic and is designed using seasonal ingredients to suit every occasion perfectly. Flexibility is one of our virtues and dietary requirements are considered and delivered with interest and appeal. Unlike many, we are acutely aware that chicken and fish are not part of vegetarian/vegan diet. We have catered for the most demanding individuals in the world and should you wish your salt to be blue, we can accommodate that too.

Fresh, colourful and flavourful. It’s what we do.

food2When it comes to designing any menu there are 3 things we take into consideration. All our ingredients are as fresh as we can possibly obtain. This often means visiting growers daily to pick the freshest produce. Without colour our world would be incredibly beige and because we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths we ensure our plates are vibrant and bursting with visual appeal. Flavour is what everyone remembers, and we pride ourselves on the flavour of all our food. You can rest assured that any menu we create for your event or occasion will not only be a gastronomical delight but a visual symphony.

Click here are a few examples of our menu creations.